Gym Strip & Hawks Wear


Students from Grade 6-12 are required to wear uniform gym strip. Black shorts and shirts are available for purchase from gym teachers at the start of the school year. Each piece costs $20 payable by cash or through school cash online. Students in Grade 5 will change into their own gym shorts and t-shirts listed on class school supply lists. Kindergarten - Grade 4 students do not change for gym class. 

All students must have appropriate athletic running shoes with non-marking soles.


Hawks' Wear consists of branded casual clothing that supports our athletic teams and school spirit. This is not part of the official uniform at HCA. Like Free Dress days, there are occasions throughout the school year where students are encouraged to wear Hawks' Wear. Items will be made available through online stores set up at various times throughout the year as determined by Hawks Athletics.

Note: Students who do not purchase official Hawks' Wear may wear their polo shirt or TopMarks hoodie with jeans on a Hawks' Wear Day.

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