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Out-of-School Care

The Heritage Out-of-School Care Program offers safe and caring Christ-centred childcare at HCA for children 3-12 years of age. The program provides access to activities and resources (including games, toys, books, and assorted materials) based on children's interests.

  • Art - encouraging creativity and divergent thinking skills through self-directed art; at times art may be demonstrated to teach specific techniques or styles
  • Manipulatives - discovering how things work through hands-on activities ranging from the planned set-up of miniature worlds to exploring the inside of an old laptop or phone
  • Sensory - developing sensory awareness with materials such as magic sand, artificial snow, and water beads using tools to measure, weigh, organize, explore and experiment
  • Science - learning about God's design and creation through scientific experiments and activities
  • Physical - We value the physical development of children and use time to play outside or in the gym for organized games or free play.
  • Other Activities
    • There is time for a snack each day (Parents are expected to send a healthy snack for their child).
    • On special days, we may bake or cook something for everybody to share
    • Sometimes we have guests visit to share their experience and knowledge
What Parents Are Saying...
"So far, I like the program and specifically the people involved in the after school care...
I also see this time after school as an additional opportunity for these kids to keep growing and learning."
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