Student Fundraisers

There are often fundraisers at HCA to help support extracurricular activities or to enhance opportunities in the classroom for students. Your support is greatly appreciated and your generosity goes a long way to helping our students participate in a greater number of programs and initiatives at HCA.

Ad-mazing Coupon Books
These used to be called SUTP books, and they've got the same great deals and offers to save you money throughout the year. Order deadline is October 6. $20/book and half of that amount comes back to the school for our students. From eating out, to grocery shopping, family entertainment and car rentals... it's all in the book!

Information Letter and Order Form

Shopping Rewards

HCA Music Parents Association (MPA) is pleased to provide an individual fundraiser for families looking for an easy way to offset the cost of their child's participation in music at Heritage Christian Academy.

Purchase Gift cards for your own personal or family shopping or as birthday gifts, appreciation gifts, Christmas gifts, and company or client give-aways/incentives/awards and designate a student or the music program as the recipient of the % earned from each retailer.

Shopping Rewards Individual Fundraising Info

As of September 2015, Shopping Rewards can also be applied toward student fees for the Athletic program.